Frequently Asked Questions

Do Topps deliberately make some stickers rarer than others?

All the stickers in a collection are printed and distributed evenly, although in some instances manufacturing constraints will create minor imbalances. It should be noted however that these constraints have no affect on the even distribution of stickers.

Do Topps deliberately make some trading cards rarer than others?

Yes. In some cases, card collections contain special 'chase cards' which are less common than the collection's regular cards in order to give them a demand value. Other than these special cards, all other cards in a collection are printed and distributed evenly, subject to minor manufacturing constraints.

Why do I seem to keep getting the same stickers/cards while never getting others?

It's all down to luck! If you open a new display box and take a handful of packets, you are less likely to get swaps among than if you select the packets at random from the box, or indeed from different boxes. It's the simple nature of collecting that the fewer stickers/cards you have left to find, the more swaps you will get in your new packets. Obviously there can be no guarantee that the stickers/cards you get in new packets will be different from those you've already got.

I bought a few packs of stickers/cards from together in one display box and I got several duplicates, including two the same in one packet

This should not happen. If however you do find yourself in this situation please let us know so we can investigate and rectify the problem

In what shops can I find Topps stickers and trading cards?

Topps stickers and trading cards are widely available throughout the UK and all over Europe. In the UK, stickers and cards can be found in a variety of high street and local newsagents and all good supermarkets. Across Europe, Topps stickers and cards can be purchased from newsagents, supermarkets and toy shops.

Can you help me finish my collection?

In most cases, yes. Please use the menus to find the collection you are interested in. The site will then show you whether we still have stocks available for the collection you’re looking to complete. We may be able to sell you individual stickers/cards or packets, although please be aware that if this is a current collection there will be restrictions on how many individual stickers/cards you may buy.Please note all products available to purchase are English unless otherwise stated.Alternatively, there is a lively second hand market in trading cards and there are almost certainly some card dealers/traderslocally,as well as various dedicated sites on the internet. 

Some of the stickers in my album are divided in half and are numbered 280A and 280B. Is it possible to order these separately?

No. For packing and ordering purposes 280A and 280B are treated as one sticker, so when ordering it is only necessary to give the sticker's number - 280 for the above example.

Can you tell me what new sticker/card collections will be published soon?

As soon as we can tell you about our new collections then we will. Keep checking for the latest information on new Topps collections throughout Europe.

I have an old sticker/card collection that I want to find out about, can you give me any information on it?

If it was published by Merlin or Topps Europe then we may still have some stocks available. Please check the Archived collections section, if you cannot find any information on there then you may write to us and enquire. We will then check with our warehouse as to the stock availability of this collection. Please do not telephone about archived collections as we will not be able to answer your enquiry without further investigations.

All enquiries should be made in writing to Archived Collections,

Topps Europe Limited,
18 Vincent Avenue,
Milton Keynes,

The stickers for my collection are not available to buy from the shop, or from you, will they be available in the future?

Almost certainly no. Once a collection is no longer on sale in the shops, or is no longer current, the production of its stickers stops. An exhaustible stock is kept by us for research, swapping, completion and individual sale commitments, but when they are gone, that's it!I

Do you have an excellent idea for a new collection, what should I do?

We're always happy to listen to ideas for new collections from our collectors, so if you've got a brilliant idea, just contact us here at Topps outlining your plans.

Some of the details in my album aren't right, why is that?

Topps make every possible effort to deliver accurate and informative information in all of their collections. Every collection is produced with the benefit of extensive research and expert subject consultation to ensure that everything is of the highest possible standard - however some minor mistakes and factual discrepancies do occasionally appear and for this we offer our apologies.