Personalised Match Attax card


Become the star of your squad with your very own personalised Match Attax card!

For the first time ever, we are now offering awesome Super-Size cards as well as a standard match Attax Print Me pack!
All you have to do is upload your photo, fill out your Match Attax ratings and we’ll send your bespoke Match Attax card straight to your door!


custom match attax card



The Cards

  1. Match Attax pack

Become the star of your collection with a personalised pack of 3 standard size Match Attax cards.

  1. Mega Card

This is an A4 sized card printed on hard-backed, durable Foamex technology.
(29.7 x 21 cm Single sided print)

  1. Super-Sized Card

This is an A3 sized poster sized card printed on hard-backed, durable Foamex technology.
(29.7 x 21 cm – Single sided print)


The Process

  1. Select which card type you want to purchase.
  2. Upload your image – there are simple editing tools to help you line up the image in the card frame. 
  3. Enter your name, and choose your ratings, position and transfer value.
  4. Review your card, please check details carefully. Topps will not issue a reprint for typographical errors or misaligned images.
  5. Purchase the card. An email will be sent with confirmation, the order will be printed and shipped directly to you.


Uploading Images

Using a high-quality image will result in the best possible card. A clear photo from a smart phone, tablet or digital camera should be fine for all card sizes.

You will see a warning if we don’t think your image is of high enough quality to produce a great card for you:
Image is too small’: This means the image is to small for us to process and you will have to select another.

The image looks small, would you like to proceed?’: This means that the image will work in the card, but the photo quality is not at the optimum level. You can proceed, but Topps will not replace card based on the quality of the original photo.

Topps Tips – Our Print Me frame is set up for a portrait card, use a portrait image for best results. Images from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter may be compressed, we recommend using the original file where possible. 

Technical specs for photo uploads:

Minimum sizes for a recommended image are (longest edge)…

Card pack - 960px

A4 – 1800px

A3 – 2600px



Prices for shipping will vary for each card size and with the number of products ordered. These will be displayed at checkout.

Please allow 7-14 business days for UK Shipping.

Please allow 28 business days for international orders. Orders from outside of the UK may be subject to import taxes to be paid on delivery.

If you order other Topps products they will be fulfilled from a different facility so you should expect multiple deliveries. 


Bonus Card

Get a free Timo Werner exclusive blue limited edition card with every Print Me order!