Star Wars Flipz - Game Dice

Star Wars Flipz - Game Dice

Star Wars Flipz Dice Load you Flipz into the dice to start playing. Dice comes with 5 Pre-loaded Flipz including a Limited Edition! Roll and Play!


COLLECT THE FLIPZ DISCS, LOAD THEM INTO THE DICE CUBE, ROLL & PLAY! • 145 Flipz to collect from Episode I to Epiosde IX plus Rogue One and Solo: A Star Wars Story. • Look out for 21 special shiny foil Flipz with higher points values and Limited Edition Flipz! • Load the cube dice and roll to win! • Each winning round you can flip your opponent’s Flipz from light to dark or vice versa. • It’s great fun to collect, roll the dice and start flipping!


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SKU FS0001165-DICE
Year 2020
Property Star Wars
Product Type Pack